John Kresevic – The Mortgage Industry

John Kresevic is a seven-year veteran of the mortgage industry. Hired by Quicken Loan right out of college, he rose to become the youngest regional vice president in the company’s history. Today he is a loan officer Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona, but aspires to one day own his own mortgage company.

As a mortgage industry veteran, John Kresevic understands that taking out a loan to finJohn Kresevic (41)ance the purchase of a home is one of the most significant financial moves that most families ever make. “In the mortgage industry, trust in whom you’re working is extremely important – and trust you’re getting accurate advice and information,” he says. “Knowing that I worked my way up at one of the largest mortgage companies in America quicker than anybody else in their history proves that I can get the job done – and get it done well.”

As John Kresevic knows, the mortgage industry requires a large volume of sales in order to minimize its risk of default. Primary lenders work closely with the secondary mortgage market to acquire the funds necessary to finance home loans nationwide. Handling so many mortgages reduces the risk, enabling secondary mortgage markets to offer lower interest rates and still make a profit.

Homeowners often like to refinance their homes – that is, get a new mortgage to replace the original one. And this, says John Kresevic, is another instance where trust and experience are critical. “Having seven years of experience and most recently overseeing a business that did nearly one billion dollars in origination volume annually,” he says, “you can be sure you’re making the proper choice by choosing me.”


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