John Kresevic: Integrity and Hard Work

John Kresevic says that he values success above most other things – above all other things, in fact, except for his family. He is a loan officer at Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has been in the mortgage business ever since he got out of the Arizona State University with a Marketing degree in 2008, when he began working for Quicken Loan.

“Integrity and hard work can’t be measured,” he observes, “but having referrals that can praise the work that I’ve done, coupled with my track record, should allow people to realize that they are making a sound financial decision by choosing to work with me.”

John Kresevic
John Kresevic

He understands that people who are looking for a loan are entering into one of the most important and significant financial arrangements of their lives. And so he is committed to always bringing his best to the table, and providing each client with the full benefit of his knowledge and experience. John Kresevic has always had a strong work ethic who is known not merely for seeing projects through to completion, but for working smart, and for his commitment to the job.

Financing a new home is one of the most complicated purchases that a family ever makes. He knows that as a loan officer he is among the first points of contact that consumers make when they are looking for a loan to finance the purchase. John Kresevic says that the trust between the loan officer and the client is extremely important. So for clients to know that he has worked his way up in one of the country’s biggest mortgage companies faster than anyone else is proof that he is able to get the job done.