John Kresevic – How Traveling Broadens Your Horizons

John Kresevic is an Executive Loan Officer who has been passionate about traveling ever since he was young. He loves traveling because it has increased his comfort zone, and broadened his horizons.

John Kresevic

Traveling is a humbling experience. Although it can be exciting to leave your comfort zone to be immersed in a foreign culture, it is just as much a learning experience as it is an adventurous vacation. In order to experience a foreign culture, you have to be willing to not only step outside of your comfort zone, but you also have to be willing to accept the ideas of a totally different culture. It is important to respect the locals wherever you are, and by asking for their help, you can experience a part of their everyday lives. This will become more comfortable overtime as you continue to travel.

John Kresevic wasn’t always as comfortable in new cultures as he is today. However, the more he forced himself to travel, the more comfortable he became in new places. He has broadened his horizons through his experiences, and helped others to do the same in their professional careers. His worldliness allows him to find solutions out of the box while also appealing and serving a variety of clientele.


John Kresevic – The Values of Team Leadership

John Kresevic is a loan officer who has worked in the mortgage industry since graduating from college at age 22. He started with Quicken Loans, where he was promoted to Director of Mortgage Banking within his first two years and then was promoted to Regional Vice President at age 27. He has been in charge of large and small teams of professionals, and practices the following values while instilling them in those working under his lead.

John Kresevic


Successful leaders are ambitious, and aren’t afraid to take on new projects and adapt to new strategies in a way that inspires others to follow. Leaders always seek opportunities and grow other workers to a position of success through enabling them to handle and take charge of such opportunities.


Leaders are able to communicate with their team the information they need in order to be the best they can at their jobs. Leaders in business have teaching abilities they use to train others and make them leaders of their own capacities.

John Kresevic hones and improves on these values every day, and he expects the same of those working for him. These very values serve as a foundation for success in any professional setting because of their basic necessity.

John Kresevic – Using Professional Skills to Help the Community

As an executive loan officer, John Kresevic has a resume that reflects a wide spectrum of professional skills that include document handling, team leadership, client relations, account management and more. But there is also one essential skill of his that is most useful to charitable causes, and that is fundraising. He has used his professional skills to raise funds for charities such as The Salvation Army and Honor Flight Network.

When it comes to giving to charity, generous donations are always accepted, but there are other ways that you can help that could be of more value to them, and of less cost to you. A few simple questions are all it takes to find out if there are any areas where you could be of service.

John Kresevic
John Kresevic

An easy example would be a chef that works at or gives leftovers to a soup kitchen. The chef is doing his job and also giving back to charity at the same time, which reduces the added effort and cost it would take to donate or volunteer to do something that you didn’t already have the resources for.

For business executives, there are ample resources they have that can make a great difference in charitable efforts. By using the talent of people like John Kresevic, professionals and their organizations can make a huge impact on charities of all sizes.

John Kresevic – What Three Important Skills do Loan Officers Possess?

John Kresevic is a successful young professional in the financial services industry. He works for Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona as an Executive Loan Officer. Loan officers are responsible for meeting potential clients, reviewing their financial information, and rejecting or accepting them as mortgage and loan candidates. This job requires a certain skill set. Here are three skills important to loan officers.

John Kresevic

  • Loan officers must be excellent critical thinkers. They use logic and reasoning on a daily basis when assessing a client’s loan eligibility. They must be able to assess the strengths and weakness of a client, consider alternative options, and come to the correct solution or identify the right approach that serves the client and the lender.
  • Loan officers must be capable of making judgment and coming to decisions. They have to weigh the pros and cons of a client’s application, and assess the costs and benefits that their decision will ultimately have. Making the right judgment and coming to the correct decision is an imperative aspect of a loan officer’s job description. This skill has consequences for the client and the lender.
  • Lastly, loan officers must have good social perception and be service oriented. Their ultimate responsibility is to make the right decisions on behalf of the lender while ensuring that customers receive proper treatment and financial assistance. Social perception a key aspect of being service oriented and it requires loan officers to be aware of how others react and the reasons for their reactions. Social perception allows them to respond appropriately to different situations.

John Kresevic is a graduated of Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business.