John Kresevic – The Values of Team Leadership

John Kresevic is a loan officer who has worked in the mortgage industry since graduating from college at age 22. He started with Quicken Loans, where he was promoted to Director of Mortgage Banking within his first two years and then was promoted to Regional Vice President at age 27. He has been in charge of large and small teams of professionals, and practices the following values while instilling them in those working under his lead.

John Kresevic


Successful leaders are ambitious, and aren’t afraid to take on new projects and adapt to new strategies in a way that inspires others to follow. Leaders always seek opportunities and grow other workers to a position of success through enabling them to handle and take charge of such opportunities.


Leaders are able to communicate with their team the information they need in order to be the best they can at their jobs. Leaders in business have teaching abilities they use to train others and make them leaders of their own capacities.

John Kresevic hones and improves on these values every day, and he expects the same of those working for him. These very values serve as a foundation for success in any professional setting because of their basic necessity.