John Kresevic – How Traveling Broadens Your Horizons

John Kresevic is an Executive Loan Officer who has been passionate about traveling ever since he was young. He loves traveling because it has increased his comfort zone, and broadened his horizons.

John Kresevic

Traveling is a humbling experience. Although it can be exciting to leave your comfort zone to be immersed in a foreign culture, it is just as much a learning experience as it is an adventurous vacation. In order to experience a foreign culture, you have to be willing to not only step outside of your comfort zone, but you also have to be willing to accept the ideas of a totally different culture. It is important to respect the locals wherever you are, and by asking for their help, you can experience a part of their everyday lives. This will become more comfortable overtime as you continue to travel.

John Kresevic wasn’t always as comfortable in new cultures as he is today. However, the more he forced himself to travel, the more comfortable he became in new places. He has broadened his horizons through his experiences, and helped others to do the same in their professional careers. His worldliness allows him to find solutions out of the box while also appealing and serving a variety of clientele.