John Kresevic – Keys to a Successful Fantasy Football Draft

John Kresevic loves to play fantasy football. The 30-year old Executive Loan Officer living in Arizona travels home to Ohio annually to draft in a home league with longtime buddies. “Every August I fly home to participate in the annual fantasy football draft with friends that has been going on 13 years now. Fantasy football consumes hours of my life during football season and each Sunday a group of us get together to watch games and monitor our fantasy football teams,” says Kresevic.

John Kresevic

Only experienced fantasy football players have been through enough drafts to know how to best manage your selections. Of course, most people in your league are going to go for the best players in high-scoring positions like quarterback, running back or wide receiver; however, it is crucial to not forget the importance of a good defense. In 2015, the Broncos were a top pick for defense, and players who picked them certainly felt the difference in their scores. Kickers also should not be underestimated, as some can average 3 or more field goals per game. Depending on your league’s scoring setup, long-distance field goals can also yield extra points.

John Kresevic loves fantasy football, and he can’t wait for next year’s draft to take place.