John Kresevic – Three Key Ingredients of his Future Business

John Kresevic spent seven years with Quicken Loans, the first company he worked for after graduating from Arizona State University as a leader of the college’s Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, a Marketing degree holder, and a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Marketing Group. Kresevic quickly showed that he was cut out to be an excellent mortgage manager and loan officer in the industry. In only 15 months after joining the company, Kresevic earned a Director of Mortgage banking position. A few years later, he was managing his own sales teams. In 2012, Kresevic’s team was the top sales team of Quicken Loans. He repeated this feat the next year. By the time he was 27, Kresevic had earned the fastest promotion to Regional Vice President in the company’s history, and he was the youngest executive in the company.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic knows how the mortgage  works. He knows how to refinance homes and properties for customers, and he knows which mortgage and lending products will help each individual’s property situation the most. He has proven time and time again that he can work with internal teams within a corporate structure to get deals done, and that he can work well and communicate with his customers. Kresevic plans on starting his own mortgage lending firm in his adoptive community of Scottsdale, Arizona. He has three key ingredients that he will provide the customers of his future business:

  • Ease of communication. Something so simple as fast response times can make all the difference between a deal that goes through and one that doesn’t. John Kresevic, the author of many mortgage deals that have helped homeowners immensely over the years, knows the importance of responding to customers and fostering open communications. Kresevic, throughout his productive career in the mortgage industry has always responded to communications at all hours of the night and on every day of the week.
  • Problem solving. All leaders in any industry have to be fast on their feet. John Kresevic has distinguished himself as a leader in the mortgage industry for Quicken Loans and Forthright Funding as one who can solve problems quickly and communicate the solution to others in order to work together to prevent further problems. The mortgage industry is fraught with uncertainty and risk, and Kresevic’s experience solving problems and answering questions makes him a good asset for customers.
  • Loyalty. Sometimes values like loyalty get lost in the fray in the mortgage industry. In addition to proving time and time again that customers are making wise financial decisions when they choose to trust John Kresevic with their mortgage products, Kresevic plans to stand by all of his customers throughout their times of need to not only assuage their concerns, but to place himself in their corner for as long as they need him to be there for them.

John Kresevic lives in Scottsdale with his fiancé.