John Kresevic – How to Start a Career as a Loan Officer

There are many different types of loan officers, but John Kresevic chose to work in the mortgage business because he saw the devastation caused by too many people taking out mortgages that they couldn’t possibly pay back, resulting in the economic crisis of 2008. Kresevic knew he could do better, so he joined Quicken Loans. Today, he works as a loan officer for Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he works to get families the best mortgage offerings possible. Here’s how you can get started as a loan officer:

John Kresevic

  • Complete high school and college. It’s possible to be a successful loan officer with only a high school diploma and work experience. That could be an excellent career choice in certain situations, but for John Kresevic, who wants to rise fast and own his own mortgage lending company one day, he needed the connections to the industry and the opportunities for added experience in the industry that college provided. Earning a degree in marketing, like John Kresevic, accounting, or finance will give you the prerequisite skills and connections to succeed in the long-term in the lending industry.
  • Gain experience in banking. Some banks hire loan officers with college degrees for entry-level positions. Get your foot in the door by taking a position at a bank if you can. You’ll gain some on-the-job training and build your experience.
  • Get licensed. Federal requirements state that all mortgage loan officers be licensed to work in the industry. States have their own requirements as well. You’ll likely have to complete at least 20 hours of classroom study and pass an exam to get your license.

John Kresevic hopes to start his own mortgage lending company.



John Kresevic – How to Find the Best Mortgage Lender

John Kresevic built a highly successful career out of finding customers the best mortgage deals possible as a loans officer, director of mortgage banking, and Regional Vice President at Quicken Loans. After joining Quicken directly after college in 2008, Kresevic quickly rose to a position of leadership within the company because of his excellent work with customers and with his sales teams to build solutions that everyone, customers and the company alike, can love. His dedication to his clients and their best interests are what makes him an excellent choice for a mortgage lender. Here are his three factors that you should look for in a mortgage lender:

John Kresevic

  • Your credit score. Your lending rates will depend largely on your credit score, just like any other loan. Make sure that you have your credit scores under control before you present your personal information to a broker. John Kresevic has long been known to work with clients with less-than-ideal credit scores in the past, but he’s unlike most other mortgage lenders.
  • Referrals. You can get referred to an excellent mortgage broker like John Kresevic by talking with people in the real estate industry, like realtors and real estate brokers. You can also ask mortgage brokers themselves for their references.
  • Background checks. You don’t have to run prospective mortgage brokers through the FBI database, but you should talk to people and check up on their personal history to spot any red flags or good signs you can find before you commit.

John Kresevic lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona.