John Kresevic – Lending Vision

John Kresevic lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he lives with his fiancée. His vision is to one day start his own mortgage lending company. Kresevic wants to help homeowners by sharing honesty, trust and knowledge based services and advice, thus allowing customers to get superior mortgage terms so they can keep their home for the longest time.

John Kresevic
John Kresevic

Kresevic believes that owning a home with an affordable mortgage is the best way to provide for his own family, too. Many opportunities for American based families have been created, so that they can continue to find and keep their homes. His expertise from college, and his past leadership role at Quicken Loans gives Kresevic the skills and the experience to found his own business someday soon.

John Kresevic entered the mortgage lending industry just when it was struggling. Houses were being foreclosed on at an alarming rate. There was a downturn in the economy; mortgages and the trading of bad debts had been managed poorly. Kresevic wanted to bring a much needed stability and foresight to the industry. He wanted to help lessen the impact on the vast amount of lives touched by the crisis. Kresevic graduated from the Arizona State University and entered the lending market industry as a freshman, denoting a high knowledge and skillset.

Kresevic became a Loan Officer with Quicken Loans soon after he graduated from college in 2008. He became team and detail oriented in his vision for sales within the company; ignoring past efforts of prior achievements. Kresevic utilized his skills, dedication and vision, and subsequently became the youngest Regional Vice President in the company’s history. It was the fastest promotion seen in the company’s history, with a time frame of just fifteen months. Named Director of the Year at the age of twenty-seven, Kresevic was unstoppable.

John Kresevic has earned his extreme success in the mortgage loan industry. His motivation and professionalism have enabled strong and unbending vision. Kresevic achieved many goals throughout his educational and professional career. At the Arizona State University, Kresevic became a Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Treasurer in 2006. Kresevic was also voted Vice President of the fraternity in 2007. He became a proud member of the Pi Kappa Alpha American Marketing Association. Then he later graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Kresevic always had a passion for the mortgage lending industry. In his role at Quicken Loans he managed to become the Director of the Year at the age of just twenty-seven. Winning back to back sales awards for his direction of the number one sales team in 2012 and 2013; for the same company. He now works for Forthright Funding as an Executive Loan Officer.


John Kresevic – Three Networking Tips for Professionals

Networking is an important skill for any professional. John Kresevic is a professional in the mortgage industry. He has seven years of experience and entered this industry immediately after college. He is hardworking and dedicated to his career and his clients. He takes every opportunity to network within his industry and build valuable professional connections. There are several ways for you to improve your networking skills.

John Kresevic

A great networking tip for professionals is to start this process early. You should get to know your professors and your classmates while you are in college. These individuals could end up being important connections. Your professors could help introduce you to established professionals in the field you wish to enter. They can also give you valuable advice on career development.

Another great networking tip is to join a professional association. There are dozens of associations that are dedicated to specific professions and fields. Join one of these groups so that you can start meeting other professionals in your industry.

A third tip is to attend conferences and seminars. You should take every opportunity to attend conferences that are related to your industry. This is a great way to learn about new trends in your industry and to meet other professionals in your field. These events often offer excellent networking opportunities.

Networking can help you advance your career and meet future employers. John Kresevic is a dedicated mortgage professional who has worked hard to develop his career. He has great social skills and networks within his industry.