John Kresevic – Fostering Successful Business

John Kresevic knows and understands the mortgage lending business. He refinances homes and properties for clients regularly. His knowledge allows him to appropriately choose a mortgage and suitable lending products to suit each individual’s circumstances. In his industrious career, Kresevic has managed sales teams within a corporate environment to achieve deals and communicate with his clientele. Kresevic hopes to start his own mortgage lending company in his own community in Scottsdale, Arizona. He plans to advise many more customers in his future business role.


Kresevic believes loyalty is paramount to success. The mortgage industry is not always well known for this quality. Making suitable financial decisions is crucial to customers when they choose to trust Kresevic with their mortgage products. The loyalty must be gained throughout the planning, during and after the lending process has been articulated. Kresevic is loyal to all of his clientele throughout the lending process and afterwards, as is needed. His compassion and honesty places him in a trustful relationship with every client he services.

Kresevic also believes communication to be a key addition in successful business relationships. He has created countless mortgage deals, helping homeowners immensely over the years. The quick response time is highly regarded during the period of developing and completing deals. Kresevic shows clientele true dedication throughout his communications; necessary in the fast paced mortgage industry.

Solving problems is another important quality denoted by Kresevic. He has proven leadership and core skills which ‘open doors’ in the mortgage industry. Two major companies have enjoyed his professionalism and problem solving actions. Quicken Loans and Forthright Funding are where he has used his skills to communicate solutions to others, and work within a team to prevent further problems from occurring. The industry is volatile and risk oriented, and Kresevic’s problem solving skills have aided his success as a former Regional Vice President for Quicken Loans, and as a current Executive Loan Officer for the company Forthright Funding.

Overall, Kresevic spent seven years with Quicken Loans. After just fifteen months, Kresevic had earned a Director of Mortgage position. He was in charge of his own sales team, and for two years running, in 2012 and 2013, Kresevic’s team was the number one sales team for Quicken Loans. When he was twenty-seven he was also named Director of the Year within the company, and he was a successful dealer of many mortgage lending deals thereafter.

In the future, John Kresevic hopes to build his own successful mortgage lending company. He hopes to do this within his own community in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has many more years of passionate execution to share. He loves helping the community to gain access to home ownership, suitably and prosperously. He is a true pioneer in the time oriented field of mortgage lending.