John Kresevic – Lending Vision

John Kresevic lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he lives with his fiancée. His vision is to one day start his own mortgage lending company. Kresevic wants to help homeowners by sharing honesty, trust and knowledge based services and advice, thus allowing customers to get superior mortgage terms so they can keep their home for the longest time.

John Kresevic
John Kresevic

Kresevic believes that owning a home with an affordable mortgage is the best way to provide for his own family, too. Many opportunities for American based families have been created, so that they can continue to find and keep their homes. His expertise from college, and his past leadership role at Quicken Loans gives Kresevic the skills and the experience to found his own business someday soon.

John Kresevic entered the mortgage lending industry just when it was struggling. Houses were being foreclosed on at an alarming rate. There was a downturn in the economy; mortgages and the trading of bad debts had been managed poorly. Kresevic wanted to bring a much needed stability and foresight to the industry. He wanted to help lessen the impact on the vast amount of lives touched by the crisis. Kresevic graduated from the Arizona State University and entered the lending market industry as a freshman, denoting a high knowledge and skillset.

Kresevic became a Loan Officer with Quicken Loans soon after he graduated from college in 2008. He became team and detail oriented in his vision for sales within the company; ignoring past efforts of prior achievements. Kresevic utilized his skills, dedication and vision, and subsequently became the youngest Regional Vice President in the company’s history. It was the fastest promotion seen in the company’s history, with a time frame of just fifteen months. Named Director of the Year at the age of twenty-seven, Kresevic was unstoppable.

John Kresevic has earned his extreme success in the mortgage loan industry. His motivation and professionalism have enabled strong and unbending vision. Kresevic achieved many goals throughout his educational and professional career. At the Arizona State University, Kresevic became a Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Treasurer in 2006. Kresevic was also voted Vice President of the fraternity in 2007. He became a proud member of the Pi Kappa Alpha American Marketing Association. Then he later graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Kresevic always had a passion for the mortgage lending industry. In his role at Quicken Loans he managed to become the Director of the Year at the age of just twenty-seven. Winning back to back sales awards for his direction of the number one sales team in 2012 and 2013; for the same company. He now works for Forthright Funding as an Executive Loan Officer.


John Kresevic – Three Networking Tips for Professionals

Networking is an important skill for any professional. John Kresevic is a professional in the mortgage industry. He has seven years of experience and entered this industry immediately after college. He is hardworking and dedicated to his career and his clients. He takes every opportunity to network within his industry and build valuable professional connections. There are several ways for you to improve your networking skills.

John Kresevic

A great networking tip for professionals is to start this process early. You should get to know your professors and your classmates while you are in college. These individuals could end up being important connections. Your professors could help introduce you to established professionals in the field you wish to enter. They can also give you valuable advice on career development.

Another great networking tip is to join a professional association. There are dozens of associations that are dedicated to specific professions and fields. Join one of these groups so that you can start meeting other professionals in your industry.

A third tip is to attend conferences and seminars. You should take every opportunity to attend conferences that are related to your industry. This is a great way to learn about new trends in your industry and to meet other professionals in your field. These events often offer excellent networking opportunities.

Networking can help you advance your career and meet future employers. John Kresevic is a dedicated mortgage professional who has worked hard to develop his career. He has great social skills and networks within his industry.


John Kresevic – Three Reasons to Earn a Degree in Business

A business degree can make several different career options possible. John Kresevic graduated from Arizona State University in 2008. He studied marketing and earned his degree through the W.P. Carey School of Business. He began working in the mortgage industry immediately after he graduated from college. A business degree can be useful for a wide array of reasons.

John Kresevic

Most business programs involve subjects such as finance, accounting, marketing, and bookkeeping. These skills can be invaluable in the workplace. A business degree can help you find a position in several different industries because students who have this degree often have a wide array of skills.

A business degree can help you launch a career in the financial industry. Finance can offer professionals many different opportunities. This is a broad industry with several facets. A business degree can give you the basic knowledge you need to enter a field within this industry. A career in finance can be very lucrative for professionals who are ambitious and hardworking.

An undergraduate business degree is an excellent stepping stone in your education. After you earn your degree, you can begin working in the field of your choice. At a later point, you can continue your education and earn a Master of Business Administration. An advanced degree can help you develop your career even further, or it could help you change your career path.

John Kresevic is a dedicated professional who works in the mortgage industry. He was able to build a successful career for himself because of his education, experience, and work ethic.


John Kresevic – The Value of Building Client Relationships

John Kresevic is a successful and hardworking professional in the mortgage industry. He is a former regional vice president with Quicken Loans, and he has been an executive loan officer with Forthright Funding since 2014. He is knowledgeable in his field and he has worked hard to build a successful career for himself. He has excellent social skills and he knows how to build relationships with his clients. He always works hard to help them with their mortgage needs. The mortgage industry is heavily based on client relationships.

John Kresevic
John Kresevic

Social skills are very valuable in this industry. When a client contacts a mortgage professional, he or she is hoping to successfully apply for a mortgage or refinance their current mortgage. It is possible that a client may work with a single mortgage company for many years. It is important for mortgage professionals to be able to gain new clients and to maintain existing clients. A mortgage company’s success is heavily dependent on its clients. Most mortgage companies strive to gain as many reliable clients as possible. This goal can be accomplished if all of the mortgage professionals in a company have excellent social skills.

The mortgage industry is also about trust. When a new client applies for a mortgage, he or she is providing a loan officer with confidential financial information. There needs to be a high level of trust in this transaction and business relationship. It is important for mortgage professionals to be able to demonstrate to their clients that they are trustworthy, reliable, and credible. This is an important step to building a positive client relationship. Individuals also rely on loan officers for information and advice. After going over a client’s information, a loan officer will recommend specific loan options and programs. Clients should be able to trust their loan officer’s advice.

Positive client relationships can help a mortgage company grow. It is important to remember that these positive relationships need to go both ways. Most mortgage companies only lend to clients who have good credit history and are able to demonstrate that they are financially reliable. Therefore, clients should only work with mortgage companies and professionals who are able to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy. This can be accomplished by creating positive client relationships. If your existing clients are satisfied with your services, then they will be more likely to recommend your company. Those recommendations can then be used to demonstrate credibility for future clients.

John Kresevic is a professional who has been in this industry for seven years. He is experienced and hardworking. As an executive loan officer, he always strives to build positive client relationships. John Kresevic is a knowledgeable mortgage professional who always works hard for his clients.


John Kresevic – How to Succeed as a Mortgage Professional

John Kresevic is a hardworking mortgage professional in Arizona. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. He worked hard to learn about business and finance. He joined the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity in his freshman year, and became a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha American Marketing Association. After he graduated from college, he began working for Quicken Loans and became the youngest regional vice president in the company. He worked hard to build a successful career in this field and to become a successful mortgage professional.

John Kresevic

If you dream of becoming a professional in this field as well, then you should follow a few important steps. Your first step should be to earn a great education. You should choose a school that has a high ranking business program. Take the time to research the professors in the school’s business program, and look into the opportunities that the school could offer you. You should enroll in the school that is the right fit for your academic and personal needs. While you are a student, you should study business, finance, accounting, or another related field. It is important for you to learn about mortgages, loans, and the stock market.

The next step in becoming a successful mortgage professional is to network. You should begin networking while you are a student. Building connections is one of the most important things you can do while you are a student, and while you are a professional. Networking can help you meet potential employers and mentors. You should attend conferences so that you can learn about new research in your field and meet with professionals who have established careers. It is also important to attend job fairs and seminars while you are a student. These are great opportunities to make career changing connections.

Another step to becoming a successful mortgage professional is to develop excellent social skills. A large portion of your career could revolve around dealing with your clients. You should be able to build strong client relationships that are built off of trust and respect. This skill could help you gain more clients for your company, and retain existing clients. People trust mortgage professionals with confidential financial information. It is important to honor that trust and do your best to help your clients with getting a mortgage or refinancing a mortgage.

Families all over the United States turn to mortgage companies for financial aid. Mortgage companies make it possible for families to purchase the perfect home. John Kresevic is a mortgage professional who always works hard to help his clients. He has seven years of experience in the industry and he looks forward to one day opening his own mortgage company.


John Kresevic – How to Start a Career as a Loan Officer

There are many different types of loan officers, but John Kresevic chose to work in the mortgage business because he saw the devastation caused by too many people taking out mortgages that they couldn’t possibly pay back, resulting in the economic crisis of 2008. Kresevic knew he could do better, so he joined Quicken Loans. Today, he works as a loan officer for Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he works to get families the best mortgage offerings possible. Here’s how you can get started as a loan officer:

John Kresevic

  • Complete high school and college. It’s possible to be a successful loan officer with only a high school diploma and work experience. That could be an excellent career choice in certain situations, but for John Kresevic, who wants to rise fast and own his own mortgage lending company one day, he needed the connections to the industry and the opportunities for added experience in the industry that college provided. Earning a degree in marketing, like John Kresevic, accounting, or finance will give you the prerequisite skills and connections to succeed in the long-term in the lending industry.
  • Gain experience in banking. Some banks hire loan officers with college degrees for entry-level positions. Get your foot in the door by taking a position at a bank if you can. You’ll gain some on-the-job training and build your experience.
  • Get licensed. Federal requirements state that all mortgage loan officers be licensed to work in the industry. States have their own requirements as well. You’ll likely have to complete at least 20 hours of classroom study and pass an exam to get your license.

John Kresevic hopes to start his own mortgage lending company.


John Kresevic – How to Find the Best Mortgage Lender

John Kresevic built a highly successful career out of finding customers the best mortgage deals possible as a loans officer, director of mortgage banking, and Regional Vice President at Quicken Loans. After joining Quicken directly after college in 2008, Kresevic quickly rose to a position of leadership within the company because of his excellent work with customers and with his sales teams to build solutions that everyone, customers and the company alike, can love. His dedication to his clients and their best interests are what makes him an excellent choice for a mortgage lender. Here are his three factors that you should look for in a mortgage lender:

John Kresevic

  • Your credit score. Your lending rates will depend largely on your credit score, just like any other loan. Make sure that you have your credit scores under control before you present your personal information to a broker. John Kresevic has long been known to work with clients with less-than-ideal credit scores in the past, but he’s unlike most other mortgage lenders.
  • Referrals. You can get referred to an excellent mortgage broker like John Kresevic by talking with people in the real estate industry, like realtors and real estate brokers. You can also ask mortgage brokers themselves for their references.
  • Background checks. You don’t have to run prospective mortgage brokers through the FBI database, but you should talk to people and check up on their personal history to spot any red flags or good signs you can find before you commit.

John Kresevic lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona.